Sunday, March 20, 2011

catching up

Hello there. Sorry I have not posted in a few days. Well  in th epast few days there was St. Patties Day
We didn't really do anything because Jeff worked but I made corned beef with red potatoes and carrots. A few days later my honey took me to Joanns ( yep, I am one lucky lady) and  he found this adorable hat and we had to take Seans picture.
 I tried a new recipe this week
Chilli with black beans. Oh it was yummy

So I used 2 cans of red beans and one can of black beans, tomatoe sauce, water white pepper and a store bought chilli mix, I also added some frozen bell peppers. mmmm mmmm mmm was that good!

 I am making a Dress for our oldest daughter useing Mccalls  M6271, It is taking me longer then expected because I am still figureing out my new machine. I will post pics of it soon  :)
 Yesterday I took the kids to a birthday party that was at a park, it was nice to get out and my kids got super dirty. haha Kids arent truly having fun unless they are dirty. Ta ta for now.

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